Automatic Doors

Installing automatic doors offers an efficient and effective method to enhance a building’s accessibility while also promoting disability awareness planning.

Electric Strikes

An electric strike is a device utilized for access control on doors. It serves as a replacement for the fixed strike faceplate, commonly used in conjunction with a latchbar, also known as a keeper.

Glass, Aluminium & Hollow Metal Doors & Frames

We provide installation services for both hollow metal and aluminum door frames sourced from reputable vendors. Additionally, we offer customization options for hollow metal frames to meet your unique requirements.


A door closer is a mechanical device designed to automatically close a door.


We specialize in the installation of electronic door locks for both residential and commercial properties. Our services encompass entry door locks as well as interior door locks to enhance security and convenience.


Our installation services cover the replacement of door latches, ensuring the security and functionality of your doors.

Glass Door

Our expertise extends to the installation and replacement of hinges for your doors, ensuring smooth and secure door operation.


Our installation services include the installation of handles for your doors, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.